Optoma EH334 1080p Full HD 3D DLP Business Projector

Optoma EH334 1080p Full HD 3D DLP Business Projector

Optoma EH334 1080p Full HD 3D DLP Business Projector

  • 1080p projection with 3,600 lumens and 20,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Extensive I/O support with HDMI, VGA-in, composite, audio-in, audio-out, USB power, RS-232C
  • Powerful 10 watt speaker enhances presentations and audio/video with crisp and clear sound
  • Optional HDCast Pro enables wireless mirroring and streaming
  • Minimal maintenance with 15,000 hour lamp life

The Optoma EH334 is a bright 3,600 lumens 1080p projector optimized for small-to-medium rooms, such as classrooms, meeting rooms and training labs.Its brightness and 20,000:1 contrast ratio produces incredibly sharp and vivid images, even with moderate room light. Support for sRGB and REC.709 color profiles ensures accurate color reproduction whether the source is PC, Mac or video devices. A 1.1x zoom delivers robust installation options while wall color adjustment optimizes brightness for projection onto varying color surfaces with the Optoma EH334. The powerful internal speaker, driven by 10 watts of power, can fill a room with loud and crisp audio to further enhance media and presentations. Robust input options on the Optoma EH334 includ

List Price: $ 582.03

Price: $ 569.00

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    another solid budget projector from optoma., April 11, 2018

    A. Fabbri (seattle, wa USA) –

    Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)
    Have been using multiple brands of projectors in business and home use for over a decade so I was happy to test out this new DLP projector and see how it compares.

    – Brand. Optoma has been one of the major brands for years and I’ve had good experiences with their quality *and* their support department. In the past when I had an optoma projector that was acting up, they erred on the side of fixing it for me. This is the third optoma projector I’ve used extensively.
    – Contrast. Not surprising for a DLP-based projector, but this thing has excellent contrast. This helps with visibility in brighter business scenarios, but looks stunning when you lower the lights.
    – 3600 lumens. Pretty bright for mid-sized meeting rooms and larger display sizes.
    – Lamp life: rated at 15k hours, which is great.
    – Connectivity: 2x HDMI plus “legacy” vga and composite video inputs.
    – HDMI audio-out is a nice touch, and comes in handy for some installations.
    – Price. Amazing what you can get for ~$600 these days.
    – Usual array of display modifiers: keystone, reverse, etc.. all work well.

    – No complaints so far. I will update this review if I encounter any issues in use.

  2. 4.0 out of 5 stars
    Small Cost, Big Performance, April 2, 2018

    William Hefner (EUREKA, CA USA) –

    Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)
    I will admit that up until I ordered this product I had never heard the brand name Optoma before and was a bit skeptical of how well this unit would work. Fortunately, the lack of a brand name really ended up making no difference and I found this model to perform incredibly well. I have tested a number of different projection systems over the past 1-2 years both at work and at home. I’ve tested everything from low-end, Android-based TV projectors to high-end, brand-name commercial multimedia systems that cost upward of $1,000. I won’t say that this is THE best product I’ve tested thus far, but it certainly gives you high-end performance at a fraction of what most high-end projectors currently sell for.

    The top things I look for in a projector are contrast, brightness and sharpness of the picture. This model excels in each of these areas. The 3400 lumen bulb projects an incredibly bright picture that is easily visible in either closed rooms or even direct sunlight. There’s no need to even dim the lights to get a brilliant picture from this projector. Contrast obviously varies due to what you are projecting on to and the lighting conditions, but this model performed similarly to $1,000+ projectors that I have tried out over the last few months. The resolution on this model matches anything you are likely to find in the sub-$1,500 range with full HD quality.

    Along with the projector you also get an attractive bag to carry it in, a detachable lens cap, AC cord, remote, 2 AAA batteries for the remote and a CD containing the operating manual. You do not receive a printed copy of the manual. The manual that comes on the CD is pretty basic and is unfortunately common to several different models. Some of the things in the manual are applicable, some are not. Fortunately, this model has one of the simpler on-screen interfaces I have tested, so most people should be able to operate it out of the box without the need for referring to the manual.

    One of the neater functions not mentioned in the description is the device’s web administration feature. Once you have properly set this unit up to operate on your LAN, you can access its internal web server to control various functions and view the projected image remotely. Honestly, I found the web interface MUCH easier to navigate than the manual buttons on top of the unit or even using the remote control. It allows you to easily access features that are otherwise a pain to get to in the on-screen menu.

    One of the more interesting functions that you can access from this menu are settings to offset the projected color balance for various colored walls or projection surfaces. You can easily pick from a number of colors and the system will automatically adjust the picture accordingly. I haven’t seen this on any other model of projector I have run across to date. You can also use the menu to toggle between theater, presentation and video game modes to optimize your picture for whatever application you are using it for at the moment.

    The included remote is pretty basic and unfortunately also common to a number of different models made by Optoma. This results in some of the buttons having absolutely no purpose for the model you happen to have. It’s a minor quirk, but I found it a little odd.

    About the only downside worth mentioning about this model is how incredibly hot it gets in such a short amount of time. While I did not have any problems with the unit overheating, it is definitely not something that would be comfortable to use in a small room without air conditioning. The plastic case means that you do not ever have to worry about accidentally touching it and burning your hands, but the smell of overheated plastic can be a bit intense the first couple of times that you use it. The admin interface has a “high altitude mode” that you can use to increase the speed of the fan and improve airflow. This keeps the unit cooler than normal, but at the expense of making a bit more noise.

    Speaking of noise, the internal 10W speaker is plenty loud for most circumstances. The sound quality is nothing to brag about, but it’s no worse than any other projector I have tested. If you want quality sound, you should use the audio output on the back to input into a quality stereo system. This is an absolute must if you are using it as part of a home theater system.

    Overall, this is a fantastic projector for the price. I would say that it is probably better suited for presentations than it is for home theater, but it does a more than adequate job at both. When you take into account the huge amount of light output, screen resolution and features this model is an absolute bargain and definitely holds its own weight against its brand-name competitors.

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