MiniPacer Treadmill | by Dog Pacer

MiniPacer Treadmill | by Dog Pacer

MiniPacer Treadmill | by Dog Pacer

  • The Minipacer Is Built From Carbon Steel And Can Support Dogs Up To 55Lbs.

For dogs up to 55 pounds. Designed with the smaller dog and smaller spaces in mind. Don’ t let the size fool you. The MiniPacer is built from carbon steel and can support dogs up to 55lbs. It is completely portable and will make indoor exercise a breeze. See for yourself how our newest edition to the dogPACER dog treadmill family has begun to revolutionize the potential for smaller breeds. For any dog up to 55 lbs Dimensions: Open: 42″ L x 21.5″ W x 8.2″ H Running area: 36.6″ L x 16″ W Weight: 49 pounds Folding Patented space saving design Degree of angle: 4.5 Speed: 0.5- 7.5 mph (0.1 increments)

List Price: $ 549.95

Price: $ 549.95

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    So far so good! UPDATE on bottom, August 29, 2013

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    I purchased the large DogPacer treadmill after using a Fitfurlife treadmill with my dogs (two male Labrador Retrievers) at a local dog training school. I wanted to ensure the dogs would acclimate to it well prior to making the purchase. I chose the DogPacer model to purchase because the price point is significantly lower than all of the other large treadmills on the market today.

    The treadmill I ordered thru Amazon was from MidwestPets. It was packaged very well. It was shipped to me via FedEx and required my signature for delivery. I am not a technical wizard by any means, but I found it pretty easy to set-up; the instructions provided were sufficient. In fact, the hardest part was removing the shrink wrap (you will see what I mean when you get yours). After setting it up (I placed it on mats of my own that I already had to the floor although DogPacer sells mats too if you need them), I turned it on and hit start. At first it did not go; the treadmill belt did not roll. Because I had this happen to me with the Fitfurlife at the dog training school once I knew what to do and manually moved the roller a bit and then it started going. Just needed a push the first time after it was plugged in… The one at school does that too if it is unplugged.

    The treadmill has a manual incline that, should you choose to use it, must be set prior to starting the dog’s treadmill session. So far I have just set mine one way and left it at that. But just know you cannot change the incline without stopping the treadmill and removing the dog (you can change it automatically on the commerical grade Fitfurlife for example). Many non-commercial grade treadmills are like this though so its hardly a deal breaker.

    The treadmill speed includes 3 pre-programmed, 30 minute interval training work-outs. You do not have to have the dog do the entire 30 minutes. You can start the dog on the session and stop it at any time. The Level 1 workout has interval training from between 1.5 – 3 miles per hour and is labeled as the easy workout. The Fitfurlife treadmill at school does not have interval programs on so my dogs had been starting on a REALLY slow pace of under one MPH and I gradually increased speed. The first time doing the interval program each dog wanted to jump off because the treadmill changed speeds faster than they were used to… But they got used to it quickly.

    One of the features I definitely like about this treadmill is the interval programs and the fact that while the program is running you can also manually increase or decrease the speed of the interval. I can also choose to not use the pre-programmed workouts at all and just let the dog use a set speed or change the speed on my own manually whenever I like during the workout. I wish I could record and keep my own interval program for each dog. If I could do that this review would be 5 stars.

    The computer alternates between 4 things on the screen throughout the workout,
    Elapsed Minutes (if manual) or Countdown Minutes (if running exercise program)
    Current Speed
    Distance Treaded (shown in increments of 1/10ths of a mile)
    Calories Burned

    The flyer that comes with the treadmill has a table and graph that shows the timing and speed level of each interval change, but this is not a visual on the computer. I made a copy of the page and keep it next to the treadmill to refer to during the workout if I want to.

    It would also be a nice addition if the computer would keep track of each dog’s total lifetime mileage, but to my knowledge none of the treadmills on the market today do this. The DogPacer website does offer reasonable cost replacements for the computer ($37). Hopefully someday they will include the ability to record custom interval program(s) and track lifetime mileage. I would then pay to upgrade the computer and change my review to 5 stars as that would make a good product outstanding.

    The treadmill also comes a care kit that includes a little bottle of lubricant and instructions on how and when to use it (after so may miles re-apply, etc.).

    Time will tell how things wear on it, for example how long will the belt last and will it be comparable to belts on other machines… How much will it cost to replace, etc… I think the belt should last a long time for home use if it is properly maintained and not over tightened (which is also stated in the manual, but visual guides are provided on the machine and instructions in the pamphlet on how to tighten, was easy). Also, my dogs nails are kept very short so should not be an issue for me, but not sure if long dog nails would impact the belt over time. I do hope at some point DogPacer will also offer more choices in side panels without having to pay more, or the option to just buy side panels in different colors that are more agreeable to a home interior, but for now these work fine…

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    Dog trainer & behaviorist, August 30, 2016
    M. K.

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    I’m a dog trainer and canine behaviorist. I have two Siberian huskies and we live in the desert… And its summertime. Needless to say, we only go out after dark. The pups wait out the sun with games, training, and lots of naps. Since buying the DogPacer, my dogs have stopped pacing the house every afternoon, bored out of their minds. Instead, they hop on the DogPacer and wait for me to turn it on! I love the pre-programmed workouts; they are a great challenge and confidence-builder. 30-minutes on the P-1 (beginner level workout) and they’re happily mellowed out.

    Be patient and compassionate when training your pups on the treadmill. For my confident, older dog it took a couple tries and he was taking naps ON the treadmill, waiting for his next turn. For my skittish new rescue it took her a couple weeks. They now both love it and walk happily without leashes, treats, or commands. Go at their pace!

    While a treadmill should never REPLACE a walk/run, it can be a great supplement to your active dog’s lifestyle. It can bridge the gap when you can’t go outside due to illness, weather, etc. Remember, its never about hitting a high speed, its about finding a pace/program that challenges your dog to focus mentally–which, by the way, is also what a normal walk should do too!

    I love how compact the DogPacer is! With the side panels removed, you hardly notice it. It’s relatively quiet and the track is plenty long enough for 50-65lbs dogs. The track does NOT move well under my 120 lbs–its not meant for people! I put dumbbells under the end of the track to reduce the incline. Controls are simple and quick. Well worth the price!!! And delivery arrived on time. Very happy that I didn’t settle for a cheap human treadmill. The only con I have is that the DogPacer is quite heavy and difficult for one person to unpack and set up. It took 15 mim of swearing and sweating to drag it from the front door to my living room! Lol!

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