Horizon Fitness Elite T9 Treadmill

Horizon Fitness Elite T9 Treadmill

Horizon Fitness Elite T9 Treadmill

  • This folded treadmill allows you tsave your living space for living. Folded Dimensions (L x W x H): 44″ x 36″ x 69″; Assembled Dimensions (L x W x H): 77″ x 36″ x 60″
  • Integrated synthetic hard wax in the belt eliminates the need for routine lubrication. Running area: 60″ x 20″; Incline range: 0-15%; Speed up t12mph;
  • 10″ touch screen provides you with the feedback you need: Time, distance, incline, speed, pace, calories, heart rate, clock, date; Alsincludes a workout tracking calendar and 44 programs.
  • Track your workouts with ViaFit, which automatically shares them with your favorite fitness apps and social networks. The Passport Virtual Active technology plays stunning forward-motion vide- synced with your workout – right on your console.
  • User weight capacity: 350 lbs. Warranty: Lifetime on frame and motor, 5 year on parts, 2 year on labor.

The Horizon Fitness Elite T9 is built for high speeds, challenging workouts and lofty goals. The responsive digital drive system lets you maintain your rhythm with no lags or surges while you run. The Elite T9 features Virtual Active technology right

List Price: $ 1,999.00

Price: $ 1,899.00

2 thoughts on “Horizon Fitness Elite T9 Treadmill

  1. 6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Missing hardware to assemble. UPDATED 1:25;2016, New Update 2:14;2016, January 14, 2016
    John T. McClanaghan (Essexville, MI United States) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Horizon Fitness Elite T9 Treadmill (Sports)
    Arrived missing parts. Cannot even put it together. Poor quality control.
    Parts arrived after second attempt. Goes together very easily and setting it up online was easier still. Treadmill runs pretty quiet and the touch screen controls are very intuitive. Still playing around with it but I’ve adjusted my review based on the helpfulness of tech support and the simplicity of assembly and setup.
    UPDATE 2:
    Treadmill works well except for a software bug. Whenever it goes into power saver mode it seems to lockup. You have to power it off and back on to get it unlocked and then reenter your login/profile info. All the workout data for me stayed, my wife lost most of hers on the treadmill but not online. I’ve updated the firmware but it didn’t seem to change anything.
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  2. 18 of 20 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    I wanted to give it 5 stars, it’s mostly good but there are a few flaws……, December 14, 2015

    This review is from: Horizon Fitness Elite T9 Treadmill (Sports)
    I got the Elite T9 as a warranty replacement for my Elite 5.2T, whose frame broke. I really appreciate that Johnson/Horizon stood behind their warranty and replaced my 5.2T with the T9. They have excellent customer service and gave me no hassles about the warranty. Before the frame broke, our 5.2T lasted 9 years, with a few minor fixes (Johnson Fitness sent us new power cord and motor controller board, and we were able to fix it ourselves) so we were impressed with its longevity. We are hoping the T9 will have similar longevity.

    Pros of the Elite T9: The deck, frame, and handles feel very stable when you run, and it has a nice cushioned ride like the 5.2T did. I have tested other treadmills where your feet smack loudly on the deck because there are no shocks/cushioning. But the T9 is very cushioned with very little impact, and it is EXTREMELY QUIET!!!! It is much quieter than my old 5.2T machine, which is a big plus. We are also impressed that you don’t have to lubricate the belt on the T9, unlike the 5.2T. I like the fact that the T9 is networked on Wi-Fi so that your workouts are automatically uploaded to the ViaFitness website. The little features like the book ledge, the personal cooling fan, and the cup holders are very nice. The 2 included Virtual Active workouts play crisp video of the sights and sounds of trail running in the Northeast or the Rockies, with treadmill incline matching the slope of the trails in the video while you run, which is pretty nice.

    Cons of the Elite T9: My old Elite 5.2T had 4 transport wheels on the frame with wheel locks, which made it very simple for 1 person to move the treadmill by simply unlocking the 4 wheels and rolling it across the floor. The new T9 has only 2 transport wheels on the frame to support its 300 pounds when moving. This design is very flawed. The diagram shows that with the deck locked in the upright position, you are supposed to grab the handles and tilt the treadmill toward you so the 2 transport wheels on the frame will touch the ground. The problem with this is that as you tilt the treadmill toward you, the deck comes down right toward your face. This causes you to have to lean back or duck out of the way, which gives you no leverage to press down on the handles to the balance the 300 pound treadmill and keep it tilted up on its wheels. If you are lucky or skilled enough to be able to tilt it up onto the wheels, the weight of the 300 pounds treadmill on the 2 transport wheels becomes like a bear balancing on a ball. It is extremely unwieldy, and to us it seemed unsafe. My husband and I finally worked out a method where we would each stand on one side of the treadmill and grab one of the handles and tilt the treadmill onto its wheels. Even with 2 people, this was exhausting work, as we had to keep tilting it moving it a couple of feet, and then setting it down again. If you have a long way to move it, it takes forever. I don’t know why Johnson would ever have replaced the 4-wheel transport design of Elite 5.2T with this unwieldy and difficult 2 wheel design.

    Another con: After I created my own ViaFit account, I tried to add a second user for my husband. The software kept saying that every xID and email address I entered for my husband was already used. This seems impossible since my husband has had the same email address for over 15 years so it is unique to him. I finally had to put in a garbage/fake email address for him, and it finally took after about 20 trials.

    Another con: My first run uploaded to the ViaFit site automatically with no problem. The next day, after I did one of the Virtual Active workouts, it saved it on the treadmill. But it will not upload to the ViaFit site. There is apparently no way to re-sync the runs stored on the treadmill with the runs on the ViaFit site. So in general, it seems that there are some issues that need to be worked out with the ViaFit software.

    Another con: If you just hit Go on the console to start running without selecting a program, it limits your run to 30 minutes. I think if you don’t have any program selected, you should be able to run indefinitely. In order to go longer than 30 minutes, I have to go into Programs, and select Manual, and then enter some number of minutes longer than I want to run – like 60 minutes. My old Elite 5.2T did not require you to have to select a program in order to run longer then 30 minutes.

    Overall, the most important things to me in a treadmill are the stability, cushioning of the deck, incline, maximum speed, and longevity/repairability of the machine. So I’m giving it 4 stars because it has a stable feel, nice quiet, cushioned ride, quiet and smooth incline, goes up to 12 MPH, and our old 5.2T machine lasted 9 years with minor repairs. However, the 2-wheel transport mechanism, ViaFit software, and default programs should be improved.

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