Herman Miller Aeron Chair, Size B, Graphite

Herman Miller Aeron Chair, Size B, Graphite

Herman Miller Aeron Chair, Size B, Graphite

  • Suspension seating with full ergonomic support and an iconic design that complements any space
  • Features: Size B provides optimal ergonomic support for people between 5’3″ and 6’6″ in height and weighing between 140 and 300 pounds, adjustable posture fit SL, fully adjustable arms, and carpet casters
  • Fabric: The 8Z Pellicle offers eight latitudinal zones of varying tension in the seat and back to provide targeted pressure distribution and eliminate heat buildup
  • Harmonic 2 Tilt provides natural, balanced motion through a range of posture changes
  • The Herman Miller Aeron Chair shipped and sold by Amazon is backed by our 12-year, 3-shift warranty. Ships fully assembled. Made in the U.S.A

When Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick designed the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, they combined a deep knowledge of human-centered design with never-before-seen technology to create a task chair unlike any other. Now Aeron has been remastered in practically every way, resulting in a piece that better supports people and the types of work we do today. The 8Z Pellicle suspension seat and back is divided into eight zones of varying tension that cradle and support the body. The PostureFit SL backrest supports the spine while maintaining the natural forward tilt of the pelvis, with adjustable individual pads that provide lumbar support and stabilize the base of the spine for a more powerful seated posture. Whether leaning forward or reclining back, Aero

List Price: $ 1,175.00

Price: $ 921.11

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Get the NEW version, not the old!, January 11, 2017
    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    I don’t generally write reviews. Yes, I admit to being lazy. Always found writing (well) to be hard work. Anyway, most products I’m interested in have already had plenty of opinions expressed about their pros and cons here at Amazon, with all the bases covered.

    You would think that would also be the case with a Herman Miller Aeron – a legend in its own time. Indeed, when I finally decided to spring for whatever it would cost to get a decent chair to sit in day after day, I found plenty of reviews while doing my initial research. Some were critical of certain flaws in the design; like foam falling out of the front lip of the seat (?), and the lumbar support PostureFit piece breaking after a couple years, etc. But I discovered that there is a NEW upgraded version available now, though none of them had reviews at the time of this writing (Jan 2017).

    I decided to take the plunge and bought the new version here on Amazon Prime. Had some reservations about buying online, sight unseen, but there was no place within a hundred fifty miles that sold the thing. Within two days the chair arrived in a big, sturdy box. Inside, it was in two pieces and easily put together: just lift the seat section and place it upon the spindle of the base. Done.

    I’ve now been using the new remodeled Aeron for a few weeks and I love it. All of the flaws people had complained about in the reviews I watched have been dealt with: for instance, there is no foam anymore in the lip of the seat and the lumbar support has been redesigned. The whole chair looks much better than the original, in my opinion. The base below the seat, in particular, is more streamlined and the adjustment knobs more attractive and (I understand) designed to be easier to use. Also, I would like to mention that when leaning back in the chair, the seat does remain level, refuting the claims of a reviewer of an original model. Perhaps that also is a new improvement.

    Bottom line: I couldn’t be happier with this piece of furniture I spend most of my waking life in. This NEW version of the Aeron is very well engineered product in my opinion.

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Perfect Recording Studio Chair for mixing desk, December 6, 2017

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    For starters, if you’re reading this review you’re probably doing your research on these kinds of chairs. If you read several others for this chair you will hear other people echo the following comments:

    1. The packaging was in surprisingly poor condition for a $1,000 chair. That said, the chair was undamaged from what I can tell.
    2. Its expensive, but worth it depending on your application
    3. The amazon web site is confusing in regards to what options are what when you look at them. I went to the Herman miller website, used their purchase options to build a chair and then compared the item number from theirs to the item number on the amazon website description (some of the offerings don’t do this). That way I knew I was getting exactly what I ordered. Incidentally, the cost was exactly the same before tax and shipping (I got free one day shipping with prime).

    I am the guy that didn’t listen to other folks when I set out to get a chair. I sat in a few $100 office chairs and figured it was good enough. My application is a recording studio control desk and I had been struggling with finding a chair that is comfortable for long periods and that would have arm adjustments that would allow me to fit it underneath my studio desk and still recline without rubbing the arms on the underneath of the desk or having them keeping me from leaning back when I wanted to. In the attached pictures you see the four chairs I have been through. The one on the far left is the Aeron. The next to the right is an Office Depot special, which cost $150. It was comfortable for six months and then not so much and had fixed arms which are badly scuffed from always scraping them on the bottom of my desk. I couldn’t get that to work in the listening position while mixing. The chair on the far right was one I purchased on amazon for about $100 and it arrived with the frame broken and the quality was exceptionally poor. I repaired that frame with epoxy glue and then tried to use that for a few weeks. It became apparent that my daily lower back pain was coming mostly from this chair. After writing as much in a review that vendor contacted me and offered to send me anything in their stable as penance, and the only other thing I could find that came remotely close was the racing chair looking thing on the second from the right (thats about a $115 chair). Yeah. No. My kids use that as a gaming chair now. After several months of trying these things out I went back to the original Office Depot chair and used that until my lower back couldn’t take it anymore, among other physical symptoms from sitting in these varied chairs. I did my research in earnest again and came full circle back to this Herman miller chair after having spoken to a few folks and doing a bunch of online research. For my application I needed a chair that was supportive, comfortable and thoroughly adjustable (particularly in the arms). I originally scoffed at the idea of paying a grand for a chair however I can say unequivocally this chair is quite literally perfect and addresses every single issue I had been having. It is extremely high quality, you can go to their web site and see the varied adjustments it has, the mesh keeps you cool when sitting in the seat for hours on end, the lumber support is superb and the whole thing is built like a tank. In order to line up the chairs for the pic in this review I wheeled them in from the room I had been keeping them in and the frame on the one on the far right actually gave a little as I pushed it over a concrete floor indicating how flimsy these seemingly ubiquitous molded plastic back chairs are. This Aeron chair is an expensive proposition, however for a studio application where there are long hours is sitting in the seat this chair is definitely worth the expense if its in your price range. If you’re serious about what you’re doing, you get what you pay for in quality and usability (at least in my experience with all these chairs).

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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Almost perfect!, March 15, 2018

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    So I decided to write a review, after I saw some negative reviews here, first of all I don’t work for HM nor Amazon and have no association with them.

    I used the first Aeron chair about 20 years ago at a job for about 9.5 years, I am big/tall (6’4″ / 290lb) and I thought that was one of the most comfortable chair I ever had at a work place, especially for the 40-80 hours / week job as a programmer.

    Fast forward today, I’ve been looking for a home office chair since my $200 office-depot chair I have been using for the past 15+ years has been taking a beating, is missing an armrest, and has got some serious noise issues, but I had kept it since I had got used to it over the years, but it’s very uncomfortable since I started working from home.

    I looked at many online reviews (wirecutter, reddit and youtube) and narrowed down to the Steelcase Gesture and Leap and HM Aeron and Embody, but since I couldn’t find any local dealer to test them, I decided to get/try the Aeron directly from amazon since I know I could trust them.

    First of all, I didn’t want to assemble the chair and when you buy from amazon directly, it’s assembled already and comes with a big box, you just open it up and roll the chair out!

    By buying via amazon directly, you also do get peace of mind in terms of warranty from HM (I called them to make sure of that) and the chair was brand new and never used.

    So this chair comes with the Posturefit support, the one I used back during my work days was with the lumbar support. I liked the lumbar support quite a bit since I could adjust it up/down, the only downer for that was if you pushed it up too high up, it could fall off and come out, so that was annoying.

    The Posturefit on the other hand is fixed and doesn’t move up or down (I wish it did, and for that reason I drop 1/2 star), but you can change its support engagement with knobs. I personally pushed them out and I am not using them as they feel a little bit weird on my back. But the basic support is there if you leave them as is.

    The other adjustment settings are simple enough to follow via their printed guide or youtube video (which I watched)

    As far as the cost, this isn’t an inexpensive chair and I am not going to remove stars based on that. It’s like removing stars from a fully loaded Audi because it doesn’t cost as much as a Volkswagen, or a Ford.

    What you get though is a Made in the USA chair, excellent/courteous customer service with very good repair service stories I’ve read online, and a chair that will last a long time that is definitely good for your posture / health.

    Though unfortunately I’d have to drop another 1/2 star, that even though this is a V2 remastered version of the original chair I had, they did not make it with a headrest which would have been totally amazing for this chair, and I actually had to buy one separately (I chose an Atlas headrest) to go with this. I wish HM had actually gone this way, since having a headrest by default would have made this chair totally perfect!

    Still this is an amazing buy for such a chair and I would totally recommend it. Though if you have never sat on one, it’s probably best to find a local dealer to try it first.

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